Event Calendar 12/6-12/12

The Bourbon Affair

12/6 6p Ladies Night (happens every Thursday!)

12/8 9p Fritz Solo at The Bourbon Affair


12/6 5p-10p New Holland Brings The Darkness to Brewfontaine

12/9 5p-8p Honey and Blue LIVE

Dalton Union Winery & Brewery

12/8 5p-9:30p Brenna Geyer w/ Smiling Daisy Bus

12/11 7p-8:30p ‘Once Upon A Wine’ Monthly Book Club

Fion Wine Room

12/6 6p Music Trivia Night by RJ Crosby

6:30p Paint & Sip with Barb Harpst

12/8 7p Mclans Duo LIVE

Hillside Winery

12/7 5:30p Aaron Hertzfeld LIVE

12/8 Straight Up LIVE


12/6 9p-12a Karaoke

12/8 7p-10p Dustin Hites LIVE

Mellow Mushroom

12/12 7p-9p Bingo on the patio (happens every Wednesday!)

Sycamore Lake Wine Co.

12/7 5p-8p Just Jazz with Britt Reed

12/8 5p-8p Rick Robinson LIVE

Tailspin Brewing Co.

12/7 8p-11p Kat & Geoff LIVE

The Axe Handle

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Vineyard @ Evergreen Farm

12/8 8p nHarmonie LIVE

Event Calendar 11/29-12/5

Just over a month left to complete the tour! Make sure to turn in your completed passports when you’re finished. Click the link below to find out what’s going on this week!

The Bourbon Affair

11/29 6p Ladies Night

11/30 9p Addison Schmidt LIVE


11/29 5p-10p Brewfontaine three-year anniversary Danke release party

11/30 6p Downtown Christmas parade

12/1 50 West Brewing Co/Brewfontaine Collab Can Release

12/2 SaMax

Dalton Union Winery & Brewery

11/30 6:30p-9:30p Open Mic Night

12/1 5p Chris Crickett with Food Truck

Fion Wine Room

11/29 7p-8p Yoga & Wine (must reserve spot beforehand)

11/30 4:30p-8:30p Small Business Night

Hillside Winery

11/30 Brad Billmaier LIVE

12/1 Morgan Stiegler LIVE


11/29 9p-12a Karaoke

Mellow Mushroom

12/5 7p-9p Bingo on the patio (happens every Wednesday!)

Roundhouse Depot Brewing Co.

12/2 12p Tree Trimming Party

Sycamore Lake Wine Co.

11/30 5p-8p Joe Justice

12/1 5p-8p Exploit Duo LIVE

The Axe Handle

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Let the Tour Begin!!

We are very excited to announce that the passports for the Winery & Tavern Tour will be delivered to the stops this weekend! If you are wondering how to participate, it couldn’t be easier! Just stop by one of the Tour locations and pick up your passport.

Check out some of the entertainment options that the Tour stops have going on for the weekend. Don’t forget all of the amazing wine, craft beer, and food selections that they have to offer as well. Here’s a list of what’s going on this weekend!


8/30/2018 5:00pm-9:00pm – Blue Skies Hero Brew Event

9/1/2018 8:00pm-10:00pm – Live Music from Skip Frontz Jr & his Left Hand Luckies

       9/2/2018 6:00pm-9:00pm – Live Music from Andrew Hibbard


8/31/2018 7:00pm-10:00pm – Small Business Night and Big Willy’s Food Truck

Dalton Union

9/1/2018 5:00pm-9:30pm – Live Music from Rick Robinson’s and Miggy’s Mobile Kitchen

Roundhouse Depot Brewing Company 

9/1/2018 11am – OSU football party & food truck

Bourbon Affair 

9/1/2018 9:00pm-12:00am – Live Music from The Two Of Us

Tailspin Brewing Company 

9/1/2018 8:00pm-11:00pm – Live Music from ReFlektion